Digital Learning Cohort & September Summary

I'm very excited about a new group at Orono: the Digital Learning Cohort! This cohort is comprised of 15 middle school teachers who are dedicating this year to exploring new ways of applying digital learning in their classrooms and sharing their experiences with their peers. As part of the process they will be blogging about their experiences using Blogger, so I  thought I'd dust off my own blogger blog to participate and model.

I'd like to start by recognizing the awesome work my colleagues are doing in the realm of instructional technology. During the 18 days I was on-campus during September (I was MIA for a week, attending a graduate seminar about instructional video production...more on that later) I had over 60 in-person meetings with teachers, regarding instructional technology. Here's a word cloud of the topics discussed:

I use a Google form to record notes about every meeting I have with a teacher, so that I can follow up when necessary and analyse needs for professional development and/or self-help content. I love that "Student" is the largest word in the word cloud - they are center to our profession after all!