Don't pity a shelter dog...feed one!

If you watch any TV, you've probably seen Pedigree's heart-string-tugging commercials supporting the adoption of shelter dogs. It's a beautiful montage of dogs that ends with the slogan "Don't pity a shelter dog, adopt one". Unless you have ice in your veins, the commercial most likely leaves you with the desire to help a shelter dog. While we're not all in a position to adopt one, Pedigree has made it easy to help feed one: for every person that likes their Facebook fanpage, they will donate one bowl of dog food to a shelter. Want to help more? For every blog that posts about their adoption program (today is the last day!!) and then tweets about it with the hastag #dogsrule, they will donate a 20-pound bag of food to a shelter!

If you are actually considering adopting a dog, you should definitely check out Pedigree's Adoption Website - it has a lot of great articles to help anyone make an informed decision about adopting a dog. They even give months-worth of dog food to those who adopt from a shelter.