Traits of a Techie: How You Too Could Become Awesome*

Techie /t'eki/

Term for a person who possesses greater than average interest in technology, especially the latest and greatest high-tech gadget; not to be confused with their spandex-wearing, oft pointy-eared cousins, the Trekkies.
  • Curious

    Techies are insatiably curious. Always seeking to answer “What if,” a techie relishes new experiences and is often the first to test the metaphorical waters.  Hand a techie the latest gadget and she will like have it figured out in minutes, no manual necessary (though the nerdy techies will read the manual front-to-back later, to see what they missed). This not because of some freaky techie intuition (okay, maybe a little), but because a techie is not afraid to try, try, try again. Forget learning curve, techies tumble straight up.

  • Learned

    Technology changes so fast that it is impossible to stay a techie without continuing one’s education. Whether by taking classes, reading blogs, attending conferences, or just conversing with other geeks (technological or otherwise), techies are always learning.  As a result, techies know a lot of stuff.

  • Sharing

    If only to demonstrate their superiority (arrogance is one of a techie’s less-than-awesome traits), techies love sharing what they’ve learned, Exhibit A: the internet. Techies also like sharing their stuff, see open source software and bitTorrent. Overshare? Yeah, techies are good at that too – no luddite could’ve invented Facebook or Twitter.

*Caution: Becoming a techie can lead to de(con)structed household appliances, the occasional emergency room visit, and low bank account balances. If you experience a SciFi movie marathon lasting longer than 12 hours, please see mother nature for alternative programming.