iPhone: Saving Extensions

Have an iPhone? Need to save a phone number with an extension? There's an app for that...or actually, just a button.

Saving an extension on the iPhone
Saving an extension on the iPhone
When saving/adding a contact, there is a pause button on the symbol screen of the keypad, which can be used when needing to manipulate an automated message system. If you just save a phone number and extension together, the phone tries to dial all the numbers and the call fails; add in a pause to let the system connect, before an extension is dialed. This technique can also be used to automate password-protected voicemail systems (I lock my phone, so I figure I don't need my voicmail locked too). Here's the step-by-step:
  1. Go to the contact you wish to edit.
  2. Click 'Edit'
  3. Click 'add new phone' OR click on the number to which you wish to add an extension.
  4. After the 10 digit phone number has been entered, click the +*# key.
  5. Click 'Pause'
  6. Enter the extension/password.
  7. Click 'Save'

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