Expiration Dates are Just Guidelines (Firefox Tip)

Mozilla is great about updating Firefox to integrate new features or to fix bugs, but with every new version, "incompatible" add-ons are disabled. Incompatibility, however, is based solely on whether the developer designated their add-on as compatible with the new version, relegating many unupdated, but completely functional add-ons to a greyed-out existence.

There is an easy fix though. If you find yourself with a new version of Firefox, but without some of your favorite add-ons, follow the steps below to stop Firefox from automatically disabling add-ons. (Note, this does not make the add-ons work with new versions, and some add-ons may turn out to be truly incompatible.)
  1. In the Awesome Bar (the address bar for the unindoctrinated), type about:config and press enter.
  2. If you've never wandered into this territory before, Firefox will warn you about the page; click'I’ll be careful, I promise' to continue.
  3. Right-click anywhere inside the window and select New > Boolean.
  4. For the preference name, enter extensions.checkCompatibility then click 'OK'.
  5. For the preference value, select False and then click 'OK'.

Voila! You can now use outdated add-ons in Firefox...whether or not they actually work.


  1. Can you offer a tip on how to stop that pop up window telling you that "This is an invalid url" It especially annoys me when I'm trying to access google!

  2. Hmm, I'm not familiar with that one.