Type Less – a LOT less – with Texter (Productivity)

Wouldn’t it be nice if memos could be written with the brevity of  LOL and LMAO?  While a business dialect of text-speak may never happen, you can cut down on the amount you type, while still writing in complete sentences. Using Lifehacker’s Texter, a simple text-replacement program, you can write long strings of text by only typing a few keys; Texter replaces abbreviations with commonly used phrases you define.

Lifehacker's Texter


For example, while I love my blog name, I don’t love having to type the URL.  So, using Texter, I assigned the hotstring nec to be replaced with the full URL of my blog (http://not-enough-coffee.blogspot.com).  I also gave it the space trigger, so that Texter will only replace nec with my blog url after I have pressed the space bar, that way I can still type words like necessary without having Texter rewrite it.

Hotstrings can be as short as an email address or as long as a paragraph.  The program works in any application, including office suites and internet browsers, and can be temporarily disabled at any time.  Use it to input logins, addresses, company mottos, and any other text you find yourself repeatedly typing.  Geeks will especially like Texter for writing code.

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