What’s on your iPhone/iPod?

The first thing I did when I received my iPod Touch was begin to fill it with apps; I had actually bought it with specific apps in mind, such as Evernote and Tweetdeck, intending to use my iPod Touch as more of a mobile internet device than as an mp3 player. I consulted several blog articles and browsed the lists of free apps to get some ideas for which apps I should download, and even asked fellow iPhone/iPod users for suggestions. Turns out, the apps one chooses to install, particularly those worthy of the front page and/or the dock, can say a lot about a person (one friend had only games installed - what good is that?). So, what does my homescreen say? It screams information geek - I like to find it, read it, organize it, and share it. I’m like a human Google server.

Here’s what I got:

iPod Apps

My Favorite iPod Apps, Thus Far

The Dock (the four static apps at the bottom)

  • Mail – My Gmail is my lifeline; without a phone, email is all I got.
  • MiGhtyDocs – I keep all of my work, business, and even some personal writing in my Google Docs; includes technology tutorials, data spreadsheets, and creative musings. MiGhtyDocs allows me to access this information, even when offline.
  • Evernote – Any information that is not in my GoogleDocs is in my Evernote account. This includes smaller or more temporary snippets of info like flight reservation numbers, directions, notes, etc.
  • Facebook – I debated whether Tweetdeck or Facebook would get the final spot on the bottom dock, but as much as I love Twitter, I prefer to access twitter on my computer since I end up browsing a lot of links.

The Homescreen

  • Safari – It would not be a mobile computer device without a browser.
  • Google – Need I explain needing one-touch access to my Google tools?
  • Calendar – Sadly, I don’t know where I am supposed to be without my calendar.
  • Contacts – I’m not sure why this one is front page.
  • Google Reader – RSS lets me stay updated with what is going on in the world.
  • Read It Later – Whenever I have extra time (Ha!) I hit up my reading list to learn more stuff.
  • TweetDeck – Admittedly, one of the main reasons I got an iPod Touch was so that I could Tweet without a computer.
  • textPlus – The only thing I miss about having a cellphone is the ability to text; textPlus makes it easy to text from my iPod without having to know a persons carrier, and displays messages in a conversation format.
  • Maps – I always get lost the first time I go somewhere (but never the second time, I have great spatial/photographic memory), and I hoping this will help.
  • YouTube – Who doesn’t like wasting time on YouTube?
  • Photos – I’m a photographer. I would be remissed if I didn’t want to have quick access to show of my work.
  • Calculator – Makes comparison shopping and tipping easier.
  • iTranslate – I never get to use my language skills in the very vanilla western suburbs of Minneapolis, but I still like to be prepared.
  • NYTimes – More reading material and helps me stay current.
  • WiFi Finder – It was this or the Starbux Locator (and where there is Starbuck’s there is wifi), but I already have an uncanny ability to find the closest Starbucks so wifi it was.
  • Settings – Maybe it’s because I’m new to this mobile game, but I change/lookup settings quite often, so it needed to be front page.

So, what’s worthy of your homescreen?

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  1. I'm still figuring out what I want on my iphone and whats worthy of my home screen. You did a lot more work researching that I did! Thanks for mentioning mightydocs its one I didnt have but will use I know.
    I also use USAtoday, byline, urbanspoon, aroundme, regularly.