Save Space on Your Bookmark Toolbar (Firefox or Chrome)

Placing your bookmarks in the bookmark toolbar is a great way to keep your favorite webpages just a click away. However, unless you have a REALLY wide screen, the toolbar fills up quickly. To increase your bookmark toolbar capacity, remove the bookmark title/name altogether*, leaving only the favicon. See how much space this saves:
Favicon Bookmark

To remove a bookmark's title/name, right-click on it and select Properties (Firefox) or Edit...(Chrome), then delete the name. This does not work well with every bookmark, since some pages do not have custom favicons; or, in a case like Google Apps, not every page on a website has a distinct favicon.

FavIcon Bookmarks

Favicon Bookmarks

*Internet Explorer requires a title for the bookmark - even if it's just one character - so instead, you should use Firefox or Chrome...anything but IE.

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