Cut to the Chase (Thing 47)

Despite the fact that I did explore most of the Things, I never got around to blogging about half of them. But since today is the (extended) deadline for More Things, I am skipping ahead to the evaluation.

I really enjoyed exploring the resources and tools in the More Things program, and when I found something really neat, I even enjoyed blogging about it. However, the blogging was the hardest part, as I didn't always have the time nor desire to post my thoughts. If there were another More Things program, I would definitely participate, but rather than have each participant blog, I think it would be more useful to use a discussion format, like a Ning, to share our thoughts (in fact, the Ning was one of my favorite Things).

My favorite Thing was definitely Twitter, which is ironic, since going into this I was dreading having to do not one, but two Twitter Things. I had been avoiding twitter for so long; turns out I just didn't understand how useful it could be. Here I thought it was just another social network - ha! I gain so much useful information from my Twitter network - and even got a job via Twitter - that I wish I had started earlier.

Twitter was really the only Thing that was completely new to me, but every Thing had at least one or two tools that I had never tried (even the Google Tools Thing!!). Reading what others thought about the tools or how they used also gave me ideas on new uses for familiar tools. I especially liked the plethora of articles that accompanied the tools - they added a lot of value.

So when does the Even More Things program start? Sign me up!

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