Travel 2.0 (Thing 33)

These days, I rarely spend money on anything without reading reviews from previous purchasers first, and travel is no different. With the advent of Photoshop and stock photography, it is easy for a hotel or restaurant to publish nice pictures of their business, accompanied by flattering copy; personal reviews from actual customers are so much more telling. Without a specific trip in mind, however, it was difficult to truly test the different review sites, but I have definitely bookmarked them for later, i.e. when I finally give into my Id and empty my savings account for that backpacking trip through Asia…it’s going to happen, I’ve promised myself.

One site that I found inspiring to that end, was The Lost Girls blog. It was started by three twenty-something New Yorkers who “ditched their media jobs to embark on a yearlong, round-the-world journey in search of adventure and inspiration.” It was fun to live vicariously through there journaling. While the “girls” are no longer on there journey, they still use it to chronicle their various travels.


GreenRoutes Map

I like the concept of Green Routes, which is a map mashup showing unique places to eat, play, shop, or learn. The visual interface of finding places to visit was useful, since I am usually searching for attractions near specific locations. It was also nice being able to filter the places by type. It would be nice to see this expanded to include a lot more places.

This was really only one of the travel websites that I thought would be useful in education. As previously mentioned in Thing 32, MapVivo is an easy way to create and share a travel journal; it maps out your travels, corresponding to your journal entries. Teachers could have students map out historical journeys (Oregon Trail, Long March, Louis & Clark, etc.), along with fictional journals.

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