Keep a Library Book Longer, Without Fines

This a very local tip, for those of who partonize the Hennepin County Libraries in Minnesota. Though, if other systems have a similar policy on overdue fines, this tip may work elsewhere.

Got Fines?

Stack Books by dianeoz

I am no stranger to overdue fines from the library. Despite all the wonderful tools and reminders available, I still manage to forget to return books or sometimes just need to keep them for an extra day or two. When I do get fines, I suck it up and pay them without complaint - I do deserve them after all. That said, I've figured out a way to avoid some of my fines (without any begging or social-engineering), and I would like to share the wealth.

When a book is returned to a Hennepin County library after operating hours, the book is checked in as being returned the previous business day. For example, whether a book is returned at 11pm on Thursday or 5am on Friday, when it is checked in on Friday morning it is counted as being returned on Thursday. So, as long as the book is returned before the library opens (the day after it is due) the book is counted as being returned on time. While this may only get you an extra couple hours in most cases, not all branches are open every day, enabling a patron to have a book for a few extra days, if returned before the library opens again.

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  1. I think almost all (I hestitate to make a sweeping statment like all) do this. Makes life easier for us and the patron. The other option would be do deal with complaints from people who returned it after we opened. This usually goes the same for holidays or library closings so if your books is due on Saturday and the libarry is closed on Sunday turn it in before they open on Monday.