Drinking the Purple Kool-Aid, aka I ♥ Twitter (Thing 31)

To keep this post a decent length, I’m going with lists…my other option was Haikus, so be thankful.

Twitter is:

  • A search engine for hand-picked online resources
  • A way to network with people in my field.
  • A place to connect with others who share my interests.
  • A way to follow current events and breaking news.
  • A forum for my musings, ramblings, and tirades.
  • Fun.

How I Tweet:

    My Twitter

    My Twitter Timeline

  • Usually I tweet via my Firefox address bar using the InstantTweets add-on; if I am sharing a link, I shorten it first using ReplacURLr, my very own FF add-on.
  • When I want to update Twitter & FB simultaneously, I update via Ubiquity using the Pingfm command. I can do this from any webpage.
  • I often read tweets online, so most of my replies and DMs are made via the web interface.
  • When I want to publish at specific time, especially when I may not be at my computer, I tweet via FutureTweets, which allows me to schedule tweets.
  • I also occasionally tweet from my Twitter Desktop App of Choice, TweetDeck.

How I Follow:

  • I’ve started using the web interface more than TweetDeck, since I love how the Firefox add-on PowerTwitter embeds tweeted pics & videos right in the feed, as well as expands shortened links and replaces them with the title of the linked page.
  • I go to TwitterFall when following an event or popular trend; the live feed makes it possible to follow a hashtag or search in realtime.
  • For desktop apps, TweetDeck is definitely the front runner, though I’m following the development of Seesmic Desktop, mostly for it’s multiple account support.

Who I follow:


Who I Follow

  • Web developers
  • Programmers
  • Librarians
  • Teachers
  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Friends & Family
  • All-around Geeks
  • People who follow me…usually


  • I use the Greasemonkey script Twitter results in Google searches to search Twitter from Google.
  • I use Xpenser to track business purchases I make online by DMing @xpn the purchase amount and description; it is much easier than logging into Xpenser website. I can even DM without leaving the seller’s website, by using Ubiquity.
  • I add information to my Evernote account by tweeting @myEN.
  • I use TwitterKarma to declutter my timeline, by finding out who follows for the refollow, only to quickly unfollow – seriously, stop wasting my time.



    Watch the World Tweet

  • SecretTweet allows people to make anonymous tweets, creating a public confessional of sorts – how could that not be fun?
  • TwitterVision is a real-time geographic visualization of tweets, displaying recent tweets above the location of the tweet. The globe view even shows whether it is day or night at the location. It is people watching on an international scale.

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