Diiging Delicious

Creating the Ultimate Bookmarking System

So you want to send your friend that awesomely cool website you bookmarked last week, seems simple…but is it? First you have to find the bookmark. Did you put in the Awesome folder or the Cool folder? Did you even put it in a folder? What was the site called - did the website have a memorable title that will allow you to recognize it again? You search all your folders only to find that you bookmarked it on a different computer! Okay, so fire up that other computer and find the bookmark; now you have to send it. Open your email, open the bookmark, copy & paste, write a note, and send. An hour later your friend finally has that website, when in that time you could have been discovering so many more cool websites to share. What’s a geek to do? Social bookmarking!

Social bookmarking allows you to store, organize, find, and share bookmarks via an online account, accessible from any computer. There are various social-bookmarking, each with their own niche. Digg is good for finding popular news stories of the day, and StumbleUpon is great for wasting time the oddest,most random, fun websites you would never have found otherwise. However, for collecting webpages and sharing them with people you actually know, Delicious and Diigo are the way to go.

Diigo or Delicious?

Delicious Website

Delicious Bookmarking

When I first started social bookmarking, I used Delicious (or Del.icio.us as it was). I loved being able to access my bookmarks from any computer, to sort them by tags, to search within my bookmarks, and to even share bookmarks with friends who also had Delicious accounts. Although Delicious was a huge improvement on my browser’s bookmarking system, it still had a few shortcomings. In particular, I could only share bookmarks with other Delicious users, and even then only individuals, not groups. The commenting system was also rather limited in that I could add a note to a bookmark I was sharing, but could not respond to bookmarks shared with me. Then I discovered Diigo – it’s Delicious on steroids.

Like Delicious, Diigo enables users to bookmark webpages to an online account and then tag, sort, and share them with other users. However, Diigo also enables users to share bookmarks with non-Diigo users via email, Twitter, Facebook, or a blog; users can also create groups of people to share sites with, as well as share lists of links. The most poignant feature of Diigo is the ability to highlight text on a page, add notes, and then share these annotations along with the webpage – now people will actually know why I shared a page with them, and I will be able to remember why I bookmarked it in the first place!

Eat Your (Delicious) Cake Too!

Annotating with Diigo

Highlighting & Commenting with Diigo

Diigo has so many features that it warrants an article all to itself, so much so that David Pierce makes a compelling argument for Diigo’s superiority over Delicious, in his article 7 Reasons Diigo Tastes Better than Delicious. However, there is one feature Delicious has that I wish Diigo had: the ability to add a shortcut to a bookmark for quick access. For example, since I’ve bookmarked my Vis.ualize.us account on Delicious and added the tag “shortcut:pics”, rather than having to type the whole URL (seriously, I can never remember where to place the dots), I just need to type “pics” and my browser knows where to go. Rather than giving this up or trying to bookmark to multiple services, I utilize Diigo’s “Save Elsewhere” feature, in order to simultaneously save bookmarks to both my Diigo and Delicious accounts, tags and privacy settings included!

To enable this feature for yourself, log into Diigo and then go to the Save Elsewhere page (Dashboard > My Diigo Tools > Save Elsewhere), input your Delicious account information, and click ‘Save’. Thereafter, any bookmark you save to Diigo will also be saved to your Delicious account, so you can continue to use Delicious’ “shortcut:” tag to access bookmarks via a keyword, as well as use the “for:” tag to share bookmarks with friends who use Delicious (of course, you could always badger them into getting a Diigo account too, if you know what’s good for them). Now go forth and bookmark, and remember to share!



  1. I love the design for your blog! And boy, is your title appropriate for the Monday I am having! Anyway, so now I have to look at Diigo too? Just as I felt I was finally getting the hang of delicious!

  2. You should definitely look into Diigo - it is so useful to able to highlight passages and take notes right on a webpage. It is also fun to come across pages that other people have publicly annotated; enables discussions on all pages, not just those with comment sections.