Beyond Boolean

Sure, you know how to use basic Boolean search operators, such as AND and OR, to limit your search to (hopefully) more relevant results; but, do you know how to limit your search to a specific website (i.e. without using the sites’ own search box…assuming there is one), to text located in the page title or URL, or even to a specific file type? To get better search results, try using advanced search operators. Below are a few of my favorites; check out The ultimate guide to advanced searching within Yahoo, Google and MSN for more.

  • site:

    Limits results to website(s) specified, e.g. the query site:lifehacker.com OR site:howtogeek.com shortcut will return pages from Lifehacker or How-to Geek containing the term “shortcut”.

  • filetype:

    Returns files of specified type, e.g. adding filetype:pdf to your search query will return only PDF documents containing your search terms.

  • intitle:

    Searches only webpage titles (not article/blog post titles, unless included in the webpage title…which it should be if the author knows any SEO).

Do you use any advanced search operators?

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