Long Time Coming (Thing 24)

More Things

When a coworker of mine mentioned participating in More Things on a Stick (MTS), I didn't give it a second thought - I missed out on all the fun the first time, I was not about to miss out a second time. I already spend a lot of my time testing out new technologies, and figuring out how it all fits into my life (if it does at all) or how a new technology could benefit the staff or students at my school. Whenever I discover something useful or just plain cool, I share it. I want others to enjoy technology as much as I do. At times I do pity those who inboxes I've flooded (you know who you are), but I can't help it; these days, it is too easy not to share.

My Blog

I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for work, as a sort of technology newsletter to share tips and information with staff. I think I will eventually use this blog as a springboard for that, and will not limit my blogging to just the MTS activities. Afterall, I spent tool much time designing my template to use it for just 20-some blog posts.

Originally, I thought I would go with a WordPress blog, since WP is such a wonderful blogging platform with unlimited customization. However, that customization costs more time than I have right now; so, in the need to get up and running, I went with Blogger. Due to my previous experiences with Blogger combined with my need for control, I was bracing myself for frustration. However, I have been very pleased with Blogger thus far. The interface is very intuitive (I love drag & drop editing), but the option to edit a template's code or add custom HTML & Javascript gadgets still allows me to fine-tune my blog. Blogs/websites with poor usability and ugly design irritate me, and I would hate to be considered as such. I take my web presence very seriously (nerd alert). One feature I wish Blogger had was the option of font styles in the editor, e.g. designating a section of text a Level 2 Header. Yes, I can do this under the 'Edit HTML' tab, but I would rather not spend my time styling my text.

The name of blog came from the fact that I always run out of coffee right in middle of a project...and to be honest, I could never have enough coffee. On the list of my favorite things in life, coffee is certainly near the top. While I did design the template myself, the two photographs I've used were found on Flickr, and both have a creative commons license. As for my profile, I know it is lacking. If you want to know more about me, you need to work for it. Actually, the information is all out there, scattered in the digital abyss; you just have to know where to look for it.

Other Blogs

I love reading blogs. Blogs are like interactive books for the ADHD generation - short, entertaining, and clickable. I currently subscribe to 85 blogs and have a slight addiction to Google Reader...which is really just a fraction of my love for Google as a whole. Most of my information intake is from blogs. I've added a few of my favorite tech and book related blogs to a blog roll in my footer. I've only ever commented on a handful of blogs (usually anonymously at that), but I do love the lively conversations that often occur in a posts comment section. Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the post.

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  1. Thanks for joining More Things. It will truely be an adventure with your participation...85 blogs!!!!