If Only Someone Would Invent the Un-send Button

I'm a fast person.  I walk fast; I drive fast; I talk fast; and (most of the time) I think fast.  While being fast has it's benefits (I get a lot done in a day), it has also lead to many occasions of my leaping before looking, especially when sending emails; I am prone to hitting the send button before I really should.  While I've never truly regretted sending an email, I often wish I had taken a few extra moments to check my grammar, rephrase my response, or even make sure I'm sending the email to right people.  I also tend to answer my own questions shortly after asking them of someone else – at times, email is actually just another form of my talking to myself and processing out loud, unfortunately for those at the receiving end.  Perhaps I could make an effort to slow down, but I’d rather not; doing so would be like trying to stop the Road Runner…just ask Wile E. Coyote how that turned out.  Instead, I've decided to take the advice of the How-to Geek and set Outlook to delay sending all of my emails by a few minutes.  This should cut down on the number of "oh shit" moments I have after sending emails...at least at work; I'm still hopeless when it comes to emailing from my Gmail accounts.

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